As an Australian cop, Stevens worked at Kings Cross, Sydney’s notorious red-light district, then the Tactical Response Group, along with various patrol and drug interdiction duties.
During this period, he regularly traveled across the US, studying police operations and tactics in every sector of policing. In the mid 90’s he moved to the US and worked on a Native American reservation, then spent a year managing Californian gangsters in a group home.
These included teenage members of the infamous Bloods, Crips, Norteno, and Sureno gangs. It was this experience, in particular, that gave him a unique insight into the gang members’ mindset.
Upon his return to Australia, he joined the Army Reserves where he continues to serve. He also worked in Southeast Asia in anti-counterfeiting, kidnap, and ransom operations.
In addition, Stevens has consulted extensively with the Australian government, including the Prime Minister and media, on the gang culture’s risks posed to our societies.